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What is campus VÄNNER?

Campus Vänner is an organisation that works for the best possible exchange between students at Campus Helsingborg and the regional business community. We are the bridge builder between students and companies – all in order for You, as a student or a company, to be able to create inspiring and significant connections for the future. We create events for you to meet and mingle with our network representing HR, Managers, CEO, Business Developers, Municipal Managers, communicators, students, researchers etc. and also possibilities to take part in workshops, exciting lectures and much more.


Campus Vänner is a non profit organisation and our work is made possible by committed member companies from the region, who with their presence, create entry points for students to further develop through everything from motivational scholarships to real work experience. Our organisation started in 2010, is situated in the centre of Helsingborg and has 60 member companies today.


Don’t miss out to be a part of us too! As a student everything is free.

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Nu söker en kommun i nordvästra Skåne en eller två studenter som kan arbeta deltid med deras digitala kanaler. Är du en av dem? Skicka intresseanmälan till:

Är du student, nyexaminerad eller ska göra ex-jobb? Lämna gärna din spontanansökan till Granitor genom att scrolla ned via denna länk: Där finner du ett antal förslag på ämnen som bland annat passar exempelvis ingenjörsutbildningen. 

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Håll utkik för kommande evenemang!

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