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Agora's Novice Weeks

Agora's Novice Weeks is a fantastic event that returns every fall. The aim is to welcome all the bachelor students to Helsingborg through two weeks filled with activities. 


The Novice Weeks take place for two weeks every fall to welcome the bachelor students. Agora brings together the students from Service Management, Strategic Communication, Social Studies and Fashion Science for two weeks filled with activities. This project is planned by a project group called Novischeriet which is selected every year. They consist of ten people and run the project from start to end. During the weeks, the new students are sorted into groups with older students who's job is to welcome and work as a supporting group during the weeks.

The purpose is to welcome the students to Helsingborg and the student life. The two weeks are filled with activities such as teambuilding, games and other types of festive events. The Novice Weeks thereafter ends with a luxurious fine-dining where prizes are awarded and celebrates the end of the weeks and the start of upcoming studies. 

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Do you want to be a part of the Novice Weeks next year? 

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