" Take the chance and be part of influencing the section's future! " - Anton Domby, President 20/21

As president of Agora, you have the responsibility to lead the board, convene board meetings and are ultimately responsible for the board's work and the section's activities. The role as president also means that you are an external link and represent the section in various contexts. This includes, for example, collaborations with other associations, contact with the Social Sciences student union, the media, the business community, the university, Campus Helsingborg's management team and the board. In other words, as president you are the face of the section. Together with the vice president and head of finance, you are part of the presidium that can make decisions outside of official board meetings.

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Furutorpsgatan 47
25227 Helsingborg



Meet Agora at U2 every Wednesday between 12-13. We'll bring the coffee!