Meet the Board

The Board consists of ten members who have the main responsibility for Agora.

Christian Abdulahad

Head of Economy

Service Management Retail

Ayan Qazi

Head of Education

Strategic Communication

Hannah Höjer

Head of Projects

Strategic Communication & Digital Media

Alicia Larsson.jpg

Alicia Larsson

Head of Marketing

Strategic Communication & Digital Media

Fanny Andersson

Head of Corporate Relations

Strategic Communication & Digital Media

Astrid Johansson

Head of Communication

Service Management Retail

Amanda Öberg.jpg

Amanda Öberg 

Head of Events

Strategic Communication & Digital Media

Emilia Björklund.jpg

Emilia Björklund

Head of Facility

Service Management Tourism & Hotel

Carolina Runesson


Service Management Logistics

Julia Hjortshagen.jpg

Julia Hjortshagen

Vice President

Service Management Health