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The board consists of 3 presidium commissioners and 7 board commissioners that have the main responsibility for Agora's operation

ekonomi - ej färdig bild.png

Felicia Melin Andersson

Head of Economy

Logistics Service Management

Utbildning - ej färdig bild.png

Tyra Broms

Head of Education

Service Management Retail

projekt - ej färdig bild.png

Sixten Moberg

Head of Projects

Logistics Service Management

Marknadsföring - ej färdig bild.png

Julia Aldin

Head of Marketing

Service Management Hotel &


Näringslivs - ej färdig bild.png

Yulia Banegas Golubovich

Head of Corporate Relations

Logistics Service Management

Kommunikation - ej färdig bild.png

Amanda Bollmann

Head of Communication

Logistics Service Management

eventansvarig - ej färdig bild.png

Ludvig Kullberg

Head of Events

Service Management Health


Fabian Andersson

Head of Facility

Logistics Service Management

Ordförande - ej färdig bild.png

Mathilda Wicknerts


Logistics Service Management

Vice ordförande - ej färdig bild.png

Ida Lindmark

Vice President

Logistics Service Management

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