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Your Education

To supervise the educational standard is Agoras core task as a union. Agora works towards the goal to always improve the quality of the programs and courses at Campus Helsingborg.

How does Agora work with educational matters? 

There are many ways Agora and students work to influence the education at Campus. The most basic is through course evaluations that are sent to every student at the end of a course.

– Course evaluations are compiled by the department which are later used to improve the course the year after.

– In addition, student- and class representatives involved in Agoras educational committee 

where educational problems are addressed. 

Student representative is elected each year to represent students at various student bodies at the departments.

Who works with educational matters?

Agora works together with students and the departments with quality assurance programs.

– At course level, we work with course syllabuses, course objectives, examination forms and literature lists. 

– At program level, we work with what kind of knowledge the student can expect to gain and what an employer can expect the student to contribute in the work life.

– In addition, more general issues such as study environment, student health and accessibility, as well as student rights are discussed.


If you have a complaint or request regarding your education, please contact us.

What does it mean to be Head of Education at Agora?

Agoras Head of Education is a part of Agoras board and the task is to lead the educational committee and coordinate the class- and student representatives. 


But also to:

– Make sure students voice is heard by the university.

– Answer questions and help with any problems that may arise a long the way, for instance student rights, equal treatment, course evaluations and quality of education.

Student rights

As a student you have both rights and obligations towards Lund University and your department. These are governed by decisions by the university and in laws and regulations.

If you have any questions, requests or complaints, please contact us.

Here you can find your rights and obligations: SWEDISH - ENGLISH 

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