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About Agora

Agora is a section of Samhällsvetarkåren at Lund University and represents the students in the programs Service Management and Strategic Communication at Campus Helsingborg.

Together with driven students, and the university, Agora is actively working to secure the quality of the education. Our work also involves organizing study-social activities, for instance, projects like the Novisch Weeks, Graduation and work-fairs. We also arrange smaller events and run five different committees for our members to get involved in. 

Agora is driven by students - for students to make sure your time at university will be the best possible. We strive to keep the programs Service Management and Strategic Communication at top-quality and for graduated students to become as attractive as possible in the labor market. To achieve this we need our members' opinions and commitment! 

Agora also works with our students' physical work environment and mental health. Just as important as the work environment is the work against harassment. We actively work to make sure all of our members feel safe both on Campus and outside Campus. This is achieved in accordance with the equal treatment plan established by Samhällsvetarkåren. If you have become a victim of harassment and don't feel safe at Campus - please contact us and we will help you in every way we can!  

Ballonger utan agora_edited.jpg
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