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Agora works actively to make sure all our members feel safe at our events and at university.

Do you know that the university have a responsibility if you are a victim of harassment?

Agora works actively with the equal treatment plan established by Samhällsvetarkåren. Knowledge regarding the university's responsibility of harassment is often low among students. What many do not know is that in accordance with the law of discrimination, the university has a duty to investigate harassment and discrimination. It is suspected that there are a large number of unreported incidents at Swedish universities. Partly because of a culture of silence, but mainly because they do not know who to contact.

Together with Socionomsektionen, Ingenjörssektionen, Stampus, Department of Strategic Communication and Department of Service Management and Service Studies, we organize every year Campus Against Harassment to raise awareness of this issue. 

If you have felt unsafe at Campus or during study-social activities, fill out the form below to report the issue. Alternatively, you can contact someone on Agoras board who will then assist you further in the process. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you in every way that we can! 

If you have been exposed to a crime, you should first and foremost contact the police on telephone number 114 14 or 112 in the event of an emergency


Thanks for your message!

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