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Agora Day

Agora Day is a networking event where students from Service Management, Strategic Communication and Fashion Science get the opportunity to make contacts with the job market.


Agora-dagen (Agora Day) is one of Helsingborg's largest job market fairs for social scientists and has been around since 2003. The fair takes place in March/April every year at Campus Helsingborg. Agora Day is a networking point where students from Service Management, Strategic Communication and Fashion Science get the opportunity to make contacts within the business and industry.

Agora Day has about 40 displayed companies and organisations as well as several different activities, such as inspirational lectures, workshops, resume reviews and much more. In addition to all the tips and contacts, many students get employment at one of the companies or organizations.

In addition to enjoying the day, as a student you can also get involved in the project in many different ways. For instance, if you are driven and want to form the Agora Day apply for the project group. It is also possible to just engage during the day as a staffer. 

This year, you are invited to Campus Helsingborg to take part in Agora Day 23rd of March. Do you want to know more about Agora Day 2022? Keep yourself updated on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn!

Read more about the exciting activities that will take place at Agora Day 2022 here! CV-workshop, thesis/research topic workshop, bingo and more fun activities will happen!

Organizations that want to be a part of Agora Day 2022 can read more about prices etc here!

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