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Get involved!

Take advantage of your time at university by getting involved in one of our projects or committees.


Get involved in one of our projects if you like organizing and planning events. In our projects, you work together in a group during a specific time-frame. The projects vary in size and kind but only your imagination sets the limits.

Student Representative

At Campus Helsingborg there is a number of bodies where you as a student can sit as a student representative. This is a great opportunity to really make a difference and make your and other students' voices heard.



As a class representative, you are the face of your class towards the school. Your responsibility is to convey any opinions to those responsible through various meetings. Your voice is important for optimizing your education to its full potential! 

The Board

Agora's board consists of a group of ten people who together hold the greatest responsibility for Agora's operation. The board is selected every year during the spring term for the coming fiscal. 

Election Committee

The Election Committees' main task is to interview candidates for the various positions of trust. E.g. project leaders and board members. The Election Committee plays a vital part in Agora.


Several of our board members run various exiting committees. If you join a committee, you can help influence what happens in Agora and at the same time get a good credit on your resume. 

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