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International Day

International Day is a project with the purpose to inspire you to study, internship or work abroad!

International Day 2023

International Day is a project which take place during one day every fall semester. This day is to inspire you to study, internship or work abroad through guest lectures, valuable tips for upcoming international studies and other events. This is also an opportunity to ask your study counselor about the application process.

To study abroad is an opportunity to get to know a different country's culture, language and people. For many former exchange students, the choice to study abroad is the best choice they have made. Thanks to Lund University's many exchange agreements, there are already established contacts which means that you as an exchange student do not have to pay any expensive tuition fees and for studies in Europe, the Erasmus scholarship is also available. Applying for a semester abroad is a long process, but through International Day there is the chance to ask questions and hear experiences from students who have already gone through the process.

For more information about exchange studies, see Lund University's guide. 

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